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Contact us by phone or email.  Please leave a voicemail if we do not answer as we are most likely on the road traveling to home visits with our members.  

When leaving a voicemail please be sure to leave a detailed message including; your name, phone number, best time to call you back and what plans you are interested in.

Or fill out our needs assessment form through the link below.  

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Checklist when meeting or speaking with an agent: 

1) A list of your current prescription medications.  If you are looking for a Part D prescription plan we will run all of your medications through medicare.gov to find the most suitable plan.  We can then compare costs, copays, deductibles ect. as they pertain to your specific drug needs. 

2) Your Original Medicare card showing Part A & B effective dates.

3) A list of your current providers. Primary care and specialists. 

4) If you are looking to enroll onto an AARP Supplement plan make sure you are a current AARP member.  If not you can subscribe over the phone with AARP Toll Free at 1-866-331-1965.  

5) It's always helpful to have your previous plan benefits available for review.  
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Q? When is Medicare Annual Enrollment?

Medicare Annual Enrollment begins on October 15th and will end on December 7th. 

During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) you can add, drop or switch your Medicare plan coverage. You might also hear this called the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Q? When is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Medicare Open Enrollment begins on January 1st and will end on March 31st and is only available to Medicare Advantage Members.

Q? What are the essential health benefits?

These are the 10 key health services that must be covered by every health plan. All health plans sold on the NYS of Health Marketplace must include them. Most plans sold elsewhere for individuals and small businesses must also include them. The 10 “essential” services are:

- Care at a doctor’s office
- Emergency Services
- Hospital Care
- Pregnant mother and baby care
- Mental Health and addiction treatment
- Prescription Drugs
- Rehab and skill development services and devices
- Lab services
- Prevention & wellness services and long-lasting disease management
- Dental and vision care for children  
Q? What is a Credit Plan/Part B reduction?

The plans offer a reduction in the members Medicare Part B monthly premium.  The amount back varies depending on the plan. 

Q? What is the NYS EPIC Program and how do I apply? 

The Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program is a New York State program for seniors administered by the Department of Health. It helps more than 280,000 income-eligible seniors aged 65 and older to supplement their out-of-pocket Medicare Part D drug plan costs. Seniors can apply for EPIC at any time of the year and must be enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in a Medicare Part D drug plan to receive EPIC benefits and maintain coverage.

You can read more about the EPIC program on the NYS Dept of Health website by clicking the link below. 


Download the NYS Epic application HERE

We are hosting many community meetings this AEP featuring plans offered by UnitedHealthcare.  
Click the link below to register online for one of these UnitedHealthcare meetings.  
The community meetings below are held in our office at 4354 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park.  These are group sessions where we discuss the 2024 plans offered by UnitedHealthcare.  These are enrollment change meetings where you can submit plan changes.  Meeting dates are as follows:  
October 17th - 1:00 PM
October 18th - 10:00 AM
October 19th - 10:00 AM
October 23rd - 11:00 AM
October 26th - 11:00 AM
October 30th - 11:00 AM
November 1st - 12:00 PM
​November 2nd - 10:00 AM
November 6th - 11:00 AM
November 7th - 10:00 AM
​November 7th - 2:00 PM

November 9th - 11:00 AM
November 14th - 10:00 AM
November 15th - 10:00 AM
November 16th - 1:00 PM
November 17th - 11:00 AM
November 27th - 11:00 AM
November 28th - 6:00 PM
November 29th - 12:00 PM
November 30th - 1:00 PM
December 4th - 1:00 PM
Walk-in resource meetingsThese are dates set for walk-ins where you can meet "one on one" with an available Agent (Aaron, Colleen or Bre).  These meetings are first come first serve.  Dates are as follows:  
October 19th - 1:00 PM
October 27th -  1:00 PM
October 31st - 11:00 AM
November 2nd - 1:00 PM

November 8th - 10:00 AM
November 16th - 10:00 AM
November 30th - 10:00 AM
December 5th - 11:00 AM