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 DENTAL PLANS - Senior Dental & Stand alone plans  
Pediatric Dental Plans
Pediatric Dental is now required for all Children under the age of 19 including newborn babies.
Comprehensive Dental Plans
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Dental Carriers 
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Dental coverage varies from person to person.  Some people need major dental services while others only need routine cleanings and maintenance.  Then there are those who prefer just to pay out of pocket for their cleanings once or twice a year. 

We offer a variety of Dental options but similar to regular medical coverage each person has their own specific dental needs.  

The majority of these plans (aside from Dental PPO plans) work best when you know that your Dental provider is in-network.  

We advise our members to start at your Dentist first.  Ask them what carriers and plans they participate with and then we will help you enroll onto those plans.  If you've been seeing the same Dentist for years why switch based on your plan? If they do not participate with any insurance carrier then we will help find you a PPO plan that will provide out-of-network benefits.  
The below link brings you to our external dental plans search page.  Here you can browse and enroll onto plans right through the online platform.  Remember to search based on your zip code.  The portal includes built in provider search tools for each carrier to make sure your providers are in-network.
 * Of course if you are having trouble navigating the plans please give us a call at 845.773.9164.